Fire damage restoration services

A fire is an unpredictable event that people and businesses are rarely prepared to face. When fire damage occurs, you need a restorer who knows exactly what to do to minimise the damage and costs. With prompt intervention using our fire damage restoration services, it is usually possible to repair up to 100% of the damage.

Benpower guarantees immediate emergency response. If you are facing a catastrophic event or a small damage, we always provide specific procedures and trained work force to allow total recovery of building and contents.



Soot produced by fire combustion combined with air humidity and water produce hydrochloric acid, a corrosive and oxidant substance that deeply affects all materials, machineries and equipment causing rust and corrosion.
Smoke, soot and residues from fire combustion deposit on buildings surfaces and penetrate in the internal walls structures corroding metal reinforcement and compromising consequently the building structural integrity.
Even if the effects of fire damage are not immediately visible, they may occur a few days after the accident, for this reason a prompt intervention is always needed to stop corrosion.
Even though contents items may not be directly damaged by the fire, they can be contaminated by the soot residue and develop a malodour due to the permeation of the smoke smell.
Paper documents and books can be restored even if they are covered with soot and smoke.