Natural disaster recovery solutions

Earthquake, whirlwind, landslide, hailstorm, snowfall, rainfall can cause serious damage to houses and industrial buildings.
Prompt intervention and restoration procedures are very important to face this kind of natural disasters.
Benpower responds to every catastrophic event and is always there to help. Using only the best experts in the industry, we have plenty of experienced team members and equipment to allow you to return to business quickly.

Benpower prepares crisis management plans and execute disaster recovery solutions involving hundreds of employees throughout the world. Our global network provides exactly the right kind of assistance to protect your company’s people and its assets.



A global network of specialized resources can be easily activate by a free phone call.
Never under estimate the hailstorms. They can damage roof and cause water filtration.
When buildings are damaged, to avoid contamination to the contents, Benpower provides service of storage for the goods in a safe place.
Snowfall can cause an overload on building roofs and Benpower can easily organise an intervention to unload building structures employing specific machineries.
Benpower uses environmental friendly products, which means less chemical products with a strong impact on earth and on human health, and more natural products, with the same performances and efficiency.