Risk Management

Risk management is increasingly a key aspect for the company’s growth and success. Benpower offers a professional assistance to businesses on a 360° basis, developing integrated plans for property damage prevention, in addition to the mitigation and restoration activities for domestic, commercial and industrial properties hit by fire, flood or natural disaster.

The Risk Management process is a central tool for the evaluation and handling of company risks, allowing the assessment of potential impact or actual consequences of different types of threats on the company activities, products and services. It identifies the best strategy to protect company assets and corporate image, contributing to the maximization of operational efficiency and objectives.

Its main target is to improve and protect the company value, managing the capital in the best way through the correct application of risk management strategies.

Benpower provides an in-depth analysis for property risks that constitutes a fundamental tool to define the best loss prevention strategy based on each company’s specific characteristics.

The business risk assessment starts with a technical inspection of premises and the analysis of the production processes, to get an overview of possible critical elements with specific reference to direct and indirect damages typically granted by property insurance coverages such as: fire, hazards, natural disasters including snow pressure, flood, earthquake, loss of profit, vandalism and sociopolitical events.

The standards and models used for risk assessment are the most sophisticated in the insurance market, including exposure estimates based on EML (Estimated Maximum Loss) and MPL (Maximum Possible Loss).

Benpower also offers support and technical consultancy services for the analysis of the business processes and the implementation of Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan. BCP and DRP allow the continuous functioning of all key resources apt to perform the crucial activities of the company.


  • Guarantee of prompt reaction to crisis situations
  • Coordinated team performance and planning
  • Continuity of business supply
  • Reduction of impact on customers
  • Reduction of market share losses
  • Better access to financial credit


Risk Management: Why is it important for your business?

There is no one single model to prevent and manage business risks. It is fundamental to begin with a solid knowledge of the company’s specific needs and requirements, on the basis of which risk mitigation actions can be prioritized and carried out.
In this way, we can achieve the best balance between costs and benefits of insurance coverages and facilitate the development and management of a Business Continuity Plan and a Disaster Recovery Plan, to be ready to handle emergency situations.

Benpower Risk Management Service: Who is it aimed at?

BUSINESSES: To map and manage risks, to develop and implement prevention plans, and to supervise insurance aspects.
INSURANCE BROKERS AND UNDERWRITERS: to collect useful information for the management of negotiation activities and the placement of risks on the insurance market.
INSURANCE COMPANIES: to assess risks in the portfolio or in the negotiation phase, to verify the qualitative parameters and the exposure data suited to allocate the underwriting capacity.

What do we do?

• Fire risk analysis for property damages and business interruption
• Natural disasters and hazards risk analysis
• Sociopolitical and vandalism-related risk analysis
• Loss of profit risk analysis
• Risk improvement recommendations
• Exposure estimates verification
• Business continuity plan
• Disaster recovery plan